Tips for saving big on airfare

We all love to travel, but booking airfare can be a costly deterrent. Check out our tips for saving big on airfare. 

1. Use comparison sites like Google Flights and Kayak to find out the average price for tickets to and from your desired destination. Do your research and use the calendar function on these sites to see what prices are like throughout the year. This will help you find good deals, especially if you have flexible travel dates.

2. Book off-season flights. Airfare is most expensive in March, April, July, August, and December, so you can expect to pay top price for tickets during those months. If you're willing to travel in the off-season or even shoulder season (May, June, October, and November) flights will be cheaper and less crowded.

3. Fly on off-days. If you're willing to fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, you are likely to save a pretty penny. Flights on these days are usually less expensive because supply is high and demand is low. Most business travel happens on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays and personal travel usually occurs on Fridays and Sundays. 

4. Book at the right time. Experts say the best time to book airfare is somewhere around 45 to 90 days before your departure. Booking too early or too late can sometimes lock you into overpriced tickets.


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