Ben Carson Plans Family Festivals in Place of Straw Poll

Carson Keeps Campaign Dollars in Iowa

By Amanda Krenz |

Published 08/03 2015 05:31PM

Updated 08/03 2015 05:31PM

One candidate says he's confident he'll be one of the ten standing on that debate stage, then he's headed to Iowa to spend a lot of money.

Dr. Ben Carson says he's disappointed the Iowa republican party canceled this year's straw poll, but he's keeping his money in the state and spending thousands for entertainment on the court avenue bridge in downtown Des Moines.

Carson was one of the only candidates who officially said he would participate in the straw poll.

While most other candidates abandoned Iowa for an event in Georgia this weekend, Carson didn't change his calendar.

Carson's campaign has planned family festivals in three Iowa cities this weekend and everyone is invited.

You can expect Disney princesses, ponies, puppets, free sweet corn, live music and more.

Carson says the festivals will be a chance for families to have a chance to meet him, and listen to him, then decide if he's somebody they want in the oval office.

Here's the schedule for Carson's weekend family festivals.

Saturday - 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. the party will be at May's Island in downtown Cedar Rapids.

The Des Moines event is Saturday evening from 5 to 8.

Sunday afternoon the gathering will take place in Council Bluffs at Bayliss Park from 3 to 6.


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