Bird flu bars magician from using doves

Michael "Oz" Osman was told his doves aren't allowed at the state fair

By Kattey Ortiz |

Published 07/29 2015 10:53PM

Updated 07/29 2015 10:53PM

DES MOINES - A young magician is resorting to other tricks up his sleeve after officials told him he can't use doves for his Aug. 23rd performance at the Iowa State Fair because of the bird flu.

"Affecting a magician? It's kind of weird, you wouldn't hear about that," said 19 year-old Michael "Oz" Osman.

Osman has been performing at various county fairs, but wasn't told until recently that it's not allowed.

Poultry is banned at county fairs and the state fair. Osman was surprised to learn that that too includes his "assistants," Flapper and Bubbles.

"I've been working so hard on this act, that it was kind of like them taking everything out from underneath me," he said.

But he's not letting the bad news keep him from being creative.

"I'll maybe do a couple jokes, like, 'Hey, I'm going to produce a dove, but it's a dove bar of soap," he said. "You know, it's not just me affected by it. It's 4-H, FFA, and all the other young Iowans affected by it. It's already happened, so we have to make the best of it."


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