Boy Remembered As Bright, Playful Student

Frantic 911 calls explain the tragic death of 6-year-old Irving Aguilar-Gonzalez

By Claire Powell |

Published 06/02 2015 06:22PM

Updated 06/02 2015 06:31PM

Witnesses and family have made a memorial for 6-year-old Irving Aguilar-Gonzalez, who was hit and killed by a reckless driver on Monday afternoon.

Gonzalez had got out of school early on Monday and was starting summer by jumping on a new trampoline with his friend 4-year-old Javier Falcon.

Shortly after, police say 44-year-old Guadalupe Villa-Guzman lost control of his truck on Hickman Road and flew off of the road, bursting through a fence then hitting and dragging the two boys in the trampoline. His truck came to rest in a creek bed, landing on top of Irving. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Tuesday morning, key witnesses and friends started a memorial where the accident happened. Debris still laid out a path across the yard, scattered with broken pieces of fence and trampoline springs.

Witness April Schwabe watched Guzman lose control and then hit the trampoline. She and her family came back to pay respect.

"For the last 16 hours I’ve had nothing but flashbacks. It’s been very hard being a parent and seeing these children in desperate need. I need to pay my condolences because I know what it’s like to lose one,” said Schwabe. "Letting them know there will be a good memory.”

Good memories are all that Irving’s first grade teachers at Monroe Elementary have of the bright-eyed, bilingual first grader.

"He was always really happy, eager to come to school, he loved seeing friends and teachers. He was happy and smiling and playful,” said Irving’s first grade teacher Michelle Hadly.

"We reflected on the year during the picnic. His mom was happy and he’d had a great year,” said LLS Teacher, Magdalena E. Mujica Voy.

Grief counselors were at Monroe Elementary Tuesday and will be back on Monday when summer school begins. Officials say Javier Falcon has been released from the hospital with only a minor injury.

Des Moines Police also released five frantic 911 calls that came in back-to-back shortly after the accident, many of which helped police explain what happened in this freak accident.


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