CSI: Clive

P.D. catches 7 Flags ATM burglar

By Melissa Higgins | mhiggins@weareiowa.com

Published 06/01 2015 06:01PM

Updated 06/01 2015 06:04PM

(DES MOINES) - You might call this CSI: Clive. Police in Clive used DNA profile matching to track down a man suspect of taking off with an ATM.

They've arrested Scott Mills, based on blood evidence and DNA evidence from a ski mask.

Mills was seen on surveillance tape breaking into the 7 Flags Event Center in Clive and taking off with the money in the ATM.

After they ran the DAN scan, turns out mills was already in jail on another charge.

We checked in with Clive's Police Chief who says even though this may seem like TV-style police work, it's nothing like it.

"Although it seems like CSI on TV, it doesn't quite work that way. We're not able to wrap it up in 52 minutes plus commercials," explained Clive Police Chief Michael Venema.

It did take since January to make the arrest. Mills is now charged with burglary and also eluding and assault on a police officer for the chase that ensued after the original break-in.

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