5OYS: Boy living with incurable disorder sends message to insurance companies

The Osceola family hopes to get costs covered

OSCEOLA - Just seven months ago, the FDA approved the first drug to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. But some insurance companies might not cover the drug's cost.  Thursday the Iowa Medicaid Board is scheduled to make a final vote on whether insurance companies pay for the cost of this treatment. 

Amber Schacherer's son Owen has been on a clinical trial for "Exron 51" said this drug has changed her son's life and not allowing people to get financial help for it could be the deciding factor on whether the child walks or not. 

"You have dreams of your children you know being healthy and playing sports and you know, it changed our life.," she said. 

She said Owen moves faster, walks faster, and has more energy every since he started the medicine. 
As of Tuesday night the agenda recommended the cost should not be covered.  Schacherer hopes her son's story will change their minds. 


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