A Day in the Life: A UPS Driver

Every night thousands of packages are loaded onto trucks at UPS's hub in Des Moines. They have a strict deadline of getting over 70,000 of them out the door by 9:00am.

"I usually kind of take a look at my load to see what I've got for the day. It gives me a good summary of what the day's going to look like," 

Drivers have to hit the road early-- sometimes making over 150 stops each day.

I tagged along with Larry's co-worker, Chad, on his route through Ankeny. 

"You had a goat in your truck?"

"I did have a goat in my truck." 

"How did you get it out?"

"Luckily the farmer came up to the back of the quad and grabbed him."

He's been a driver with UPS for 18 years and took a few extra minutes out of his day to show me what it takes.

The first few stops are 'air mail'-- and they have to be delivered by a certain time, meaning there's no time to spare.

Then it's time for ground stops, both commercial and residential.

And there's no time to let the cold or snow slow you down.

"I'll tell you, it's not the easiest. It's not so much that it's the physical nature of the job, which you have to have, too, but you also have to have the mental part of it. This guy remembers every single stop he's going to do for the next hour and he knows the route like it's nobody business. I think it's pretty incredible." 

UPS is still looking for a few seasonal employees in the Des Moines area. To find more information on those positions, check out their website by clicking here

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