UPDATE: Dog found dead in creek

The entire community feels his absence

UPDATE: The search ended for 11-year old Tango over the weekend after finding him dead in a creek.

Tango's owner, Stephanie Gilchrist informed Local 5 of the sad news. Gilchrist wants to thank everyone for their love and support through their quest.


SATURDAY - An Adel woman is continuing her search for her dog.

Tango, an 11-year-old Rough Collie has been missing for nearly a week. His owner says Tango is a very social dog. And his disappearance is impacting their entire community.

"He's given me so much, I'm not really sure who rescued who," said Stephanie Gilchrist, Tango's owner.

Gilchrist brought Tango into her life seven years ago, saving him from poor living conditions in Kansas City. But now, with his sudden disappearance, their bond is being tested.

Tango has been missing since Tuesday, and just going outside reminds Gilchrist of that terrifying night.

"I just kept driving around calling people doing everything I could to find him, and did all of that until it turned dark," Gilchrist said.

Tango's bed is empy and his bowl of food is still full. The other dog in the family has been waiting for him to return. Gilchrist says Tango needs medication, which is making her fear for his safety even more.

"He's just always been there, he sleeps with me, I mean he's literally, I don't have any kids, he's my kid and he goes everywhere with me," Gilchrist said.

Among their many destinations are nursing homes, including Adel Acres, where Tango is a therapy dog. He is known as a four-legged pal, strutting through the halls, bringing joy to everyone.

"He's a very gentle dog and lets anybody pet him," said Bethany Lee, the administrator at Adel Acres. "And you can just kind of feel the love between the dog and the person."

That love - shared throughout the whole community.

"I mean he's just a huge part of my life and also he's a huge part of the resident's life," Gilchrist said. "It broke my heart when I had to call and cancel because he's missing."

And Gilchrist says she's willing to do whatever it takes to get him back.

"I'll do anything at this point like no questions asked reward I just want him back," Gilchrist said.

Tango has a red collar with tags and also has a microchip. Gilchrist says she is willing to give a reward to anyone who brings her home. If you spot Tango, email us at news@weareiowa.com and we will connect you to his owner.


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