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Ankeny parents charged with child endangerment

Six-week-old boy suffering from multiple serious injuries

ANKENY- A six-week-old baby boy is in the hospital with severe injuries - and police say his parents are to blame.

Updated Story:

23-year-old Anthony Weber and 20-year-old Jennifer Stoddard are charged with Child Endangerment resulting in serious injury. Their six-week-old baby was hospitalized at the end of April after police say he endured weeks of abuse.

Police talked to several family members and friends of the couple, regarding how they cared for their child. The information police got prompted them to arrest Weber and Stoddard. Now, neighbors at the Greentree Apartments - where the couple lives - are shocked all of this happened so close to home.

"I never saw anything suspicious, like, they were always very quiet," said neighbor Alicia Caraballo.
Neighbors are trying to understand how Anthony Weber and Jennifer Stoddard could have harmed their own six-week-old son. Caraballo lives in the apartment right below the couple. She lost an eight-month-old baby to medical complications earlier this year, and says what her neighbors are accused of doing is unthinkable.
"We did the best that we can, so to hear that someone gives birth to a child, a healthy child, and for them to cause harm to the child, it just hurts my heart,' Caraballo said. "That's something that people should be grateful for."
Weber called police to the apartment in late April, saying his son was in respiratory distress. While the six-week-old was at the hospital, it was discovered he had injuries consistent with abuse, that police say happened over several weeks.
"It's one of those situations that yes it was caught, but unfortunately it had to be caught at all," said Capt. Joe Schaffer with the Ankeny Police Department. "I'm glad we did, the intervention was there, this child will hopefully show some very strong improvement very soon."
Neighbors are also praying for the child, saying something like this should never happen.
"No little one deserves it," said Sandy Watson. "They're innocent little children. In fact, I would put my life on the line for a child, no matter whose kid it is."
And while both Weber and Stoddard are now behind bars, neighbors still have a message they want to share.
"If you're not going to take a child you shouldn't bring them into the world," Watson said.
"Every child is innocent and every child is a blessing," Caraballo said. "I don't think there's too much, too many options in the world for you to resort to that."
Ankeny Police say the six-week-old infant is still recovering at a local hospital, and is suffering from multiple serious injuries. The case is still ongoing.

Original Story:

Two arrests have been made after Ankeny Police responded to a six-week-old male child in respiratory distress in late April.

Ankeny Police and Ankeny Fire departments were dispatched to 2009 NW Hickory #6 on April 28, with the caller being the father of the child. Upon arrival, a police officer and medical personnel encountered the father and mother in the apartment with the infant. The infant was in medical distress and was transported by ambulance to a local hospital. 

A criminal investigation into this incident was initiated after medical personnel at the hospital evaluating the child notified the Ankeny Police that the child had injuries consistent with abuse. Indications are the child had sustained multiple injuries over a period of weeks. Since the original report, detectives with the Ankeny Police have conducted interviews with those whom had access to the child, evaluated medical evidence, and consulted with experts which has resulted in two arrests.  The infant is still hospitalized with multiple serious injuries.


Anthony Robert Weber, 23, was charged with the following: 

-1 count of Neglect or Abandonment of a Dependent person, a Class C Felony

-1 count of Child Endangerment Causing Serious Injury, a Class C Felony


Jennifer Ashley Stoddard, 20, has been charged with:

-1 count of Neglect or Abandonment of a Dependent Person, a class C Felony

-1 count of Child Endangerment Causing Serious Injury, a Class C Felony 


Stoddard and Weber have been identified as the biological parents of the child.

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