ARL rescues six dogs from endangerment case

DES MOINES - The Animal Rescue League has taken in six dogs that they said were covered in their own feces. Two of the six have tested positive to Parvovirus. The other four are at risk of infection. 

The dogs are getting around the clock care, but even with treatment, the ARL says the virus can be deadly. 

"Once they realized how sick they were they brought them immediately here where our veterinarians could monitor them and treat them," said Stephanie Filer of the ARL. "It causes dogs to have extreme diarrhea and vomiting and usually the way it becomes fatal is that they quickly become dehydrated."

Their treatment taking place in a quarantined part of the medical ward because of how contagious the Parvovirus is.

"One of the main ways it is spread is through animal feces," said Filer. 

In order to prevent an outbreak from happening at the shelter, the ARL has to go through several steps to keep it contained.

"There is a risk of spreading that throughout the shelter or taking it home so we take extreme precautions in making sure they have the right protective clothing on and gloves," said Filer. "We have four pans which you'll see when they are coming out of the room that they will dip their fit to make sure and disinfect before they ever even leave that area."

The lifesaving medical care racking up both resources and money.

"Six sick dogs makes it even more of a burden on our operation," said Filer. "We estimate it is going to cost us about $500 per dog to treat."

And that treatment may not even be enough to save their lives. 

"We are doing everything we can to keep fluids in them, keep them comfortable and happy as much as we can with as bad as they feel right now," said Filer.

The dogs will remain in quarantine for at least two weeks. The ARL says the virus is 100% preventable if your dog gets the vaccine and you clean up after them. 

On top of the charges for her kids, the ARL says Destinee Miller faces seven charges of animal cruelty and abuse. 

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