Bill created to wipe out Branstad's Medicaid plan

Bill has bipartisan support

By Nikki Davidson |

Published 02/08 2016 11:20PM

Updated 02/08 2016 11:20PM

Less than a month away from when Iowa is supposed to switch over to privatized Medicaid, a group of senators are pushing a bill that would repeal that plan.

Gov. Branstad lashed out in response Monday morning at Senate democrats, claiming they are trying to make healthcare all about politics. 

However, republican senator David Johnson is also voting in support of the bill. 

"I believe this is going in the wrong direction, right now people are confused," said Johnson. "Not just providers but doctors, nurses staff and non-profit centers." 

Johnson says he wanted to make it clear this is not a partisan issue. 

"You have to make sure the people who need the services are getting the services," said Johnson. "My goal was not to make this a partisan issue. My goal was not to make a partisan issue, if members of my party believe it anyway then I happen to have a different opinion." 

Gov. Branstad said his plan is to save $51.3 million in the first six months of privatizing Medicaid, it is at this point slated to take effect March 1. 

The senate bill passed out of committee with a 9-3 vote. 

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