Blank Park Zoo celebrates rhino calf birthday

DES MOINES - Tumani turned one at the zoo on Wednesday. 

A party was held at the Blank Park Zoo on Wednesday to celebrate a big birthday. Tumani, the rhino calf, just turned one. The first rhino born in Iowa received a cake, painted on a canvas and played a bunch of games. In her past year, she has brought joy to zoo-goers and the staff that take care of her daily.

"Not everybody gets to work with a baby black rhino. We're really excited that Ayana and Kiano did such a great job. Ayana did great with the birth and raising her. She knew exactly what to do and Tumani's been really healthy and happy. She's really full of energy and we love getting to work with her. She's super fun and really cute,” said Jordan Longtin, large mammal keeper at Blank Park Zoo. 

Tumani has grown a lot in the past year. She was born at 80 pounds and now she weighs a whopping 972 pounds.

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