Budget experts talk possible special session

DES MOINES - It’s no secret that the state of Iowa has budget troubles. In fact, we’re hundreds of millions of dollars in the hole. 

Two of the state’s top ranking budget officials stopped by Local 5 on Friday to talk about the possibility of a special session to fix the budget.

A democrat on the appropriations committee says it might be a good idea for the governor to call a special session so that lawmakers can decide together how to come up with more money, as opposed to her and other Republican leaders figuring out other ways to do it.

"If she is paying last year's bills using this year's budget that is not a common accounting practice. State is cooking the books again," said Rep. Chris Hall.

Rep. Hall’s Republican counterpart disagrees, saying there won’t be any gimmicks used to fix the budget and that it can be done without calling for a special session.

"I'm very hopeful we'll avoid a special session. Revenue comes in until the end of the year. If we can avoid special session I'm hopeful that's the route we have to go," said Rep. Pat Grassley.

There’s still time for the state’s budget to improve. Technically, the books don’t close until the end of the month.

The end of September marks the end of what’s called the “accrual period.” We should know soon after that if the governor will call for a special session.


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