Chariton residents clean up after Tuesday's storm damage

Downed trees, power lines and flag poles were spread across town

By Jacob Peklo |

Published 07/19 2016 10:24PM

Updated 07/19 2016 10:24PM

CHARITON- Storm damage was intense and severe across Lucas County. The heavy winds and rains resulted in fallen tree limbs and damaged property all across town.

"The rain was just coming in sheets,” said Neil Dick. ”It was just like blowing snow. It was so thick."

Neil Dick watched quite a storm unfold outside of his Chariton home.

"The flagpole was probably going five feet in one direction or another,” he explained.

After it cleared, he saw the rains had snapped his flagpole in two. While there's plenty of other cleanup to outside of his home, he says he's dealt with far worse.

"I'm not smart enough to be scared,” said Dick. “I don't let it bother me. I've been through storms, I've been through tornadoes. It really doesn't bother me."

Across town, residents saw another spectacle: a tree caught fire and then was pulled clear out of the ground, just a few feet from another home.

“It was kind of freaky,” said Jeannine Houser. “It was so close to the power lines and was actually laying on top of them for a while."

“But the worst hit home was here on North 16th Street. A tree cracked down the center and fell across the Worthmans’ home.

"Heard the whole house vibrate. I wasn't sure what to think of it at first,” said Robert Worthman. “I thought maybe it was a train wreck, since we live close to the train station."

His wife, Connie, wasn't home when it happened, and she was shocked when she got home an hour later.

"He said a tree fell on the house, but I had no idea it'd be that bad a damage,” said Connie Worthman.

The tree goes clear across their roof, and the Worthmans say it collapsed further during the afternoon.         

That damage can be cleaned up and the roof replaced, but there's one real important thing they're grateful for, they have a place to stay while their place gets fixed up.

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