Civics teachers have to filter lessons

Presidential politics not appropriate for the classroom

By Amanda Krenz |

Published 10/20 2016 04:24PM

Updated 10/20 2016 05:14PM

(DES MOINES) Civics instructor Joshua Brown at Goodrell Middle school says in the past he's assigned students to watch a presidential debate for their homework. He's not doing that this year.
He says many of the topics that are discussed aren't appropriate for the classroom.
Brown says, "If somebody says something inappropriate, where I would have said you can't say that in the classroom, they say Donald Trump just said that. I have to back up, how do I address that with a kid without saying what Donald Trump said was inappropriate?"
Mr. Brown says it's not about Trump or Clinton, democrats or republicans. It's about what's appropriate to discuss in school.
Despite having to filter some of what he discusses in his civics classes, Mr. Brown says the students are very engaged in this election. They're getting ready to hold a mock election with other junior high schools in Des Moines.


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