Clive Police say double homicide case is frustrating

Release new details but still need witnesses to come forward

By Amanda Krenz |

Published 09/28 2016 05:34PM

Updated 09/28 2016 05:34PM

CLIVE - Two people shot and killed each other in a gun fight.
That's what Clive police say happened on September 5th in the parking lot at 7 Flags Event Center.
As a party was winding down inside, outside shots rang out.
Johnny Jackson and Kevin Hall died from their gunshot wounds.
This is what Clive police believe happened - that the two men shot each other.
They say they're fairly confident based off of what evidence they've been able to gather.
But there are still many questions because witnesses aren't coming forward.
They still want more information and they want two guns that were not recovered from the scene.
Clive Police Chief Mike Venema says, "At least give us the location of weapons, we'd hate to think a weapon was lying in a ditch somewhere and a child could be hurt or they're used in a different crime in the future."

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