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Community reacts to KKK photo

Creston community disappointed in the high school students' actions

CRESTON - Creston Community High's principal says he's disappointed in the actions of his students, but he's not the only one.

The community is thinking twice about recent incident with the KKK photo. They're hoping it won't be something that labels the community. 

"That's really disrespectful. I can't believe someone would do something like that," said Creston resident Michael Evans.

Evans first saw the picture when we showed it to him and he wasn't aware that something like this happened in the small town. He says the "joke" took it too far.

"That's not a funny joke at all. I actually have a lot of multiracial friends and stuff like that and that [picture] offends me. It's highly disrespectful in my opinion," said Evans.

Creston High Senior Bailey Hopkins agrees. She said she heard that it was supposed to be a joke. 

"I just don't see how that's something you could joke about," said Hopkins.

She was shocked that someone from her own school would do something that's offensive and instills fear in others.

"I really hope that it's not what people see our school as, because there's a lot of people who are upset and a lot of people who are hurt and angry, that I don't want that to represent what our school is," said Hopkins.

The principal of and administration are now trying to find answers. They interviewed the students in the picture and say they admitted their actions.

"I think that people were stunned. I think the same theme is that this isn't us. This isn't something that even remotely represents Creston Community High School or community in general," said Principal Bill Messerole.

Local 5 still does not know the student's names, but according to the principal, the kids have been disciplined. 

One Creston basketball player says it's too little too late.

"They're actually some of my friends, but I just lost all respect for them. I don't want anything to do with them anymore, I'm done with them," said Austin Bloyd.

The school has been making sure to check in with their students specifically students of color. Austin says as a student of color, he feels personally attacked.

"I've gotten so much support and love through my classmates and teachers. They're just making sure that I know that they have my back and I can go to them if I need anything," said Austin.

Austin says moving forward, he'll be making sure he knows who his friends are and surround himself with people that will have his back.

For now administrators will be making sure all their students feel safe coming in and out of the school and the right disciplinary action is taken for other incidents like these.

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