Daycare mom gives inside look to Ray home

PERRY - Questions still remain around the death of a 16-year old Perry girl. Police say she only weighed 56 pounds when she was found. Now, we're getting a better understanding of the environment she lived in.

Sabrina's adopted parents, Marc and Misty Ray were arrested Thursday on several child endangerment charges.

Today we spoke to a mother who sent her kids to the daycare Marc and Misty ran inside their home.

Katie Hibbert has been sending her three kids to Rays of Sunshine Daycare since December. Hibbert says she had a positive experience at the daycare, but had no idea Sabrina was in so much danger.

"All three of them loved Misty and Marc. I would get there to drop them off and it's a hug and they were out the door, they were gone," said Katie Hibbert.

She was never concerned for her children's well-being. 

"They would go, 'oh mom, I had so much fun, I made you a pretty pic. And I played on the slide and I played with babies and I played outside, it was so much fun."

Hibbert would see Sabrina Ray when she would pick the kids up.

"She was in the coatroom, she was helping them get their coats and stuff."

Seeing Sabrina, anything catch your eye with her?

"I mean I just thought that she was really skinny, but then again, I thought she was only like 8 years old, so I didn't actually know that she was 16."

Hibbert says this has been on her mind a lot lately, so much that she retold a dream she had last night.

"I went to the daycare to go pick up my kids and she was standing in the little coatroom, helping them get their coats on and she just looked really sad and I just walked up to her and was like, 'hi, what's your name?' and she told me her name, I'm like 'are you okay?' and she just said she was upset, 'well what's wrong?' she said that she was hungry so I asked Misty and Marc if it was okay that I take her to McDonald's to get a treat and they said it was fine. So I took her to McDonald's and she just talked to me and told me everything that Misty and Marc are being accused of was happening to her," said Hibbert. "I woke up and I was bawling. And I feel really regretful that I didn't ask her if she was okay, even though i had no idea that anything was going on."

Hibbert says that she's looking at other places to send her kids. She's been reading reviews and checking with DHS on those other daycares.

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