Democratic nominee for Congress Jim Mowrer calls on fellow veterans to support him

Veterans are torn between both parties

By Jacob Peklo |, Alyssa Weis |

Published 10/17 2016 07:57PM

Updated 10/18 2016 09:57AM

DES MOINES - Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump has been making a big push to attract veterans to vote for him. On Monday, another politician is stepping in to sway them the other way.

Last week, the Trump-Pence ticket secured the votes of one group of veterans from Central Iowa come election day. More than 200 Iowa veterans announced they're standing strong with the republican and are fired up to do so.

But now, veteran and Democratic candidate for congress Jim Mowrer is calling on his fellow veterans to do just the opposite.

With 22 days to go until Election Day, candidates are making their final pushes. Democrat Jim Mowrer brought in a group of veterans at the Des Moines VFW to show why they're voting for him.

"David Young has no background or experience in national security or foreign policy,” said Mowrer. “He's simply afraid of losing, so he's attacking me."

That ad he's referring to was not done by Young's campaign, though, but the content still bothers him. And now, he wants Young to lose because of his connection to Donald Trump.

"His agenda, his words, his actions would be disastrous for our veterans, they'd be disastrous for our current service members, and that shows how flawed his judgment is,” said Mowrer.

Young’s campaign manager, Charlie Szold sent along this statement to Local 5, “David Young has the utmost respect for the military service of Jim Mowrer and all those men and women who have worn the uniform and defended our liberties and freedoms. Jim Mowrer's negative and desperate attacks on Congressman Young's service are dishonest and deceitful."

Still fellow veterans like Kenneth Briggs believe Trump lacks true military knowledge.

"When he says I'm just going to make America great again, and we're just going to go out there and take people over, that just doesn't work,” said Lt. Col. Kenneth Briggs, a retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force.

"He thinks that going to military school is enough service for him,” saidJames Treloar-Reid , a former sergeant with the U.S. Army, who was medically discharged because of his injuries. “That's great, but that's not serving in the military or serving during war time."

Young's team points to his record. Young has championed fixing the issues with the veterans’ crisis hotline and has worked to find more jobs for veterans. Mowrer says he respects other veterans who support Trump but not their reasoning.

"What Trump is doing is voicing a lot of anger and frustration, and he's dead wrong on the issues, but I think there's some voice to that frustration that other people see and are drawn to that,” said Mowrer.

Mowrer says their key strategy leading up to the elections will be bringing up important issues to voters, especially veterans affairs.

Young's spokesman added that he has, “actually voted to increase funding for the VA by $18.2 billion in the past two years - that's over an 11.4 percent increase in funding for our veterans. And he has never co-sponsored, or voted for, a bill that cuts GI bill benefits of either veterans or their spouses.”

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