How effective is this year's flu shot?

No perfect, but effective

West Des Moines schools sent out a notice to parents that Influenza A has been diagnosed in their district.

Many people question whether they should get the flu vaccine or if they should get it for their kids.

Doctors admit it's not perfect, in fact last year in Iowa it had about a 30-40% success rate. But until scientists develop a universal flu vaccine, the current flu shot is the best way to protect against the illness.

Dr. Ann Garvey at the Iowa Department of Public Health said, "Based on our flue vaccine on what we're circulating the previous season, everything we're seeing right now indicates it's a good match. We would encourage people to get that because it is the best way to protect ourselves."

The Iowa Department of Health says now is the time to get vaccinated. It takes about two weeks for your body to build immunities, and Christmas vacations with lots of family togetherness is just around the corner.

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