Des Moines city council says it won't oppose anti-Water Works bill

Two council members voted against the bill

DES MOINES - They won't oppose it.

After nearly an hour hearing from the public and speaking to the room about the controversial anti-Des Moines Water Works bill, the Des Moines City Council decided not to actively oppose the legislation making its way through the statehouse.

At the end of its regular Monday meeting, council members allowed people to take the microphone and speak about the measure. Council member Skip Moore proposed opposing the bill at the statehouse. His measure ultimately failed.

Remarks got heated towards council members, especially toward Christine Hensley. Mayor Frank Cownie had to step in several times to quiet down the crowd. Cownie ended up taking a more diplomatic stance toward the issue.

"We have to stay somehow engaged," said Cownie. "I don't like these bills. I hated the bill that came through last year...I've stood by Des Moines Water Works, I've stood by their board, I've stood by Bill Stowe."

Cownie said if the council publicly opposed the bill, they may risk having a voice at the table.

The bill has yet to be debated in either chamber at the statehouse.



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