Diesel problems in Panora?

PANORA- Local 5 looked into what mixed fuel can do to your vehicle after hearing from many people in the area they experienced bad fuel.

A fuel mixture of unleaded gas and diesel is causing a major headache for several people. Local 5 has received calls from multiple people who say they filled up thinking they were getting diesel, but the mixture has damaged their vehicles.

The three reports Local 5 On Your Side has gotten are from the Casey's in Panora. Local 5 called the Casey's there and they pointed us to corporate in Ankeny. Local 5 went to get answers from them, but they would not talk about the possible mix up at their store.

Now the drivers say they had problems with their vehicles after filling up and are now faced with serious and expensive damage.

"Just like you see the dollars on the gas pump roll through each mile you drive, that damage is currently happening and it gets more expensive by the mile," said Ron Haugen.

Ron Haugen owns Westside Auto Pros and says his shop in Clive sees a mis-fueled car at least once a month. Typically when people accidentally grab the wrong  nozzle. He says it only costs a few hundred dollars and is an easy fix if it hasn't been driven. 

"If it's been driven and the engine has been damaged, especially with a diesel vehicle, that can run between $10,000 and $20,000 in a very short period of time."

And the dollar signs can keep racking up from there.

Several people in Panora have told Local 5 they experienced major issues on the road after fueling up with diesel at the Casey's in town.

"The vehicle will lose power or it will start making a knocking noise, it will quit running and unfortunately as the consumer, the motorist driving the vehicle that isn't going to be your initial conclusion. You are just going to think you are having some kind of car problem."

The victims tell us that a tanker truck mistakenly dropped unleaded gasoline in a diesel tank. Casey's would not confirm that to Local 5.

"It may be driven some distance before the problem is found or caught. Then you start creating damage to the fuel system, the diesel fuel injectors, the fuel pumps and ultimately. If let go too long it will ruin the engine."

Some of the Panora victims say they are waiting to see how the Casey's station handles their vehicle problems before talking to us. One viewer says Casey's has given him a rental car until his vehicle is fixed. Local 5 will stay on your side and continue asking Casey's if the unleaded fuel was mixed with diesel at the Panora location.

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