DIGITAL EXTRA: ISU students launch PollUp

Iowa State University students launch a smart new startup called PollUp

PollUp simplifies HR employee polls.

“PollUp is a unique and super effective way to engage employees and assess company culture on a real time basis for companies,” says Kenyon Brown, CEO. “Basically it gives employers the ability to check in with their employees on a more regular, day-to-day basis instead of relying heavily on those long employee satisfaction surveys that they spend thousands of dollars on every year and really overrun people with information and is just very out of date by the time they get it and are able to analyze it. By using PollUp you’re able to see the problems as they occur and see what disruptions and dissatisfactions are on a day-to-day basis. “

Iowa State University students Dave Leo, Neil Saigal and Kenyon Brown will launch PollUp on Monday. I had the chance to sit down with the talented trio one-on-three to find out what makes PollUp the best HR department tool.

“It’s hard to choose one thing,” says Dave Leo, Chief Product Officer of PollUp, “but I think the coolest thing about PollUp is our design that we focused on a ton and I’m sort of biased because that’s what I was in charge of but I think the coolest part is that we designed it and coded it and we’re a bunch of students so that’s probably the coolest part right now.”  

In this world with endless ideas, tools, possibilities and completion I’ve wondered what keeps a young startup team moving forward.

“The thing that kept us going through the development process was talking to people in the Midwest about the ides to see if people even liked it, and the more we talked about it with people the more they liked it and I think that was something that kept us going more than anything because our idea kind of evolved into something super unique and it seemed like businesses genuinely wanted it.”

“I think the coolest part about doing a startup in college is that there is a huge risk because you’re putting time and money into it but it’s definitely a less intense environment to deal with because you don’t have to quit a job because you’re in college, you have a little more time than someone who is working a full-time job.”

During my interview I quickly determined that this smart and innovative trio is truly one to watch.

“I think we have a really bright future, says Neil Saigal, Chief Technical Officer of PollUp. “We are always thinking ahead. We are always thinking past version 1, and I think once we launch we will be able to implement a lot of those features that we have in mind.”

PollUp officially launches on Monday, March 6, 2017.


To learn more information and demo PollUp check out their website 

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