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Dogwoods Lodge improving day camp to be mentally rich for dogs

GRIMES - Over at Dogwoods Lodge they are revamping their day camp to focus on a more constructive and safe environment.

Sixty dogs a day come out the their day camp.

They are now splitting the dogs into smaller groups working on rotational rest, rather than just letting them all run around all at once.

They do still have group play and these smaller groups help match temperament better.

Some of the activities include scent games.

"We'll hide treats all over the room or we'll hide treats in different locations. We've got different things we can use for it and the dogs will sent for them. We're also teaching them to indicate when they find the scent, so they're starting to find the scent and sit and look at us for a treat," said Dogwoods Lodge owner, Jessica Lohry-Tapper.

They also do agility and toy games.

At the end of the day owners get a report card of that their dogs did that day.

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