Clive Police identify nationwide pickpockets

CLIVE - Police have identified a team of pickpockets that are moving across the country.

Keith Pierce and Craig Sharkey are wanted for theft, and police still haven't identified one more woman who's involved in the scheme. 

The group has robbed in the metro three times, two just this year. Their goal is to get as much money as they can from your cash and credit cards. 

"I wouldn't think it would be prevalent or common here," said a Chicago native. 

It doesn't seem like it could happen here, but the nation wide pickpockets have made their mark on Iowa. 

"I put a six photo line up in front of her and she positively identified both of them," said Detective Maurio Coleman.

Detective Coleman solved the case with help from a victim who was robbed at the Cracker Barrel in Clive. Both Pierce and Sharkey cornered her as she tried to exit the restaurant. That's when they stole her wallet from her purse. 

Chris Pogo was eating at that same Cracker Barrel. He's from Chicago and says he's no stranger to crime or pick pocketing.

"It's sad because Cracker Barrel is such a family oriented establishment. You know, you go in there and think of safety, food, and warmth. When you find out that people are pick pocketing, it's kind of sad and scary," said Pogo.

Police have a warrant out for the arrest of both Keith Pierce and Craig Sharkey. They're wanted for theft and credit card forgery.

"I'm thinking they will probably not come back to Iowa. I'm hoping with all of this exposure that they will stay away from Iowa and they won't come out here and victimize any of our citizens," said Detective Coleman.

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