Experts meet to discuss Iowa water quality

DES MOINES - A group of national water quality experts met on Thursday to go over how contaminated Iowa's water is, and what can be done to make it cleaner.

How safe is your drinking water? Not as safe as you think, according to Iowa experts.

"The water that we have and that's being delivered to the tap is for the most part, safe. We are concerned that there are some contaminates that can cause long term health consequences and there are also some new contaminates that are emerging that we're not currently monitoring or regulating,” said Dr. Peter Thorne, professor and head of the Department of Occupational and Environmental Health at the University of Iowa. 

Those contaminants include pesticides that are used for nutrients in crops. Contaminated water can have long term effects on your family, including learning issues in your children and birth defects. Water quality is likely to be a top issue at the Statehouse in the 2018 session.

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