What happens to Bill Dix's seat in the Senate?

DES MOINES - Bill Dix is the former Republican Senate Majority Leader and state senator from Shell Rock; he resigned on Monday after a video unsurfaced, portraying Dix in an intimate relationship with a female who is not his wife. 

Now that Dix has resigned from both his leadership and Senate seat, there are two big holes to fill. 

Republicans in the Senate plan to elect a new Majority Leader on Wednesday. As for Dix's elected seat for District 25? That's still up in the air.

His seat was slated for re-election this November, so Gov. Reynolds will have to decide if she wants to have a special election to fill the vacancy before then. Since the legislature is already in session, Reynolds only has to give an 18-day notice to fill Dix's seat out of Shell Rock.

The filing deadline for someone to be on the ballot for Senator Dix's Senate seat is this Friday. Anyone who wants to run would have to submit their paperwork and signatures by the end of this week.

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