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Grassley "sick and tired of messing around" with EPA's Pruitt

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Sen. Chuck Grassley is very frustrated with EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, and even threatened to call for Pruitt's resignation if things don't improve.

Grassley is upset with Pruitt about the EPA's wavering toward the RFS. Grassley was heated on a phone call with reporters Tuesday.

"Well, they better, or I'm going to be calling for Pruitt to resign," said Grassley. "Because I'm done playing around with this."

Grassley and Iowa's congressional leaders have been calling for Pruitt to commit to support the RFS and its requirements in the law.

“I’m sick and tired of messing around with this anymore,” said Grassley to reporters. “Trump was elected with an agenda. Pruitt was not elected. It’s Pruitt’s job to carry out the Trump agenda.”

Trump and his team are supposedly working on changing the RFS (Renewable Fuel Standard) right now, and both Grassley and Sen. Joni Ernst have been meeting with White House officials to urge them not to do so.


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