How to protect your dog from kennel cough

DES MOINES - Local 5 has new details on how to keep your dogs safe when they're boarded.

If you've put your dog in a kennel recently, they may now have a cough. It's spreading around central Iowa. It's called kennel cough. It's an respiratory infection that dogs usually catch when they're in big groups. Vets say a good way to prevent the cough is to make sure your dog has all of its vaccinations before it's boarded.

"The vaccinations may not provide solid immunity or prevent the disease, but it can lessen the extent that they get it. So they should still go to daycare and to be boarded but they should have vaccines beforehand," said veterinarian, Dr. Jessica Merk. 

The most common time for kennel cough is when most dogs are boarded, and that happens a lot around the holidays.

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