Iowa considers new speed limits and ISU falls in Texas are part of Thursday's Top 5

The Top 5 includes a lawsuit against Ferguson, MO

Published 02/11 2016 07:18AM

Updated 02/11 2016 07:18AM

Iowa lawmakers consider two plans to raise rural highway speed limits, the Justice Department will take Ferguson to court, two more drop from the Presidential race, ISU takes a loss to Texas Tech, and an 8th Harry Potter book is on its way.
Those speed limits on Iowa's two-lane country highways are now under review. State lawmakers have two proposals before them that would move the speed limit from 55 miles an hour up to 60 or 65.
A study done by the Iowa DOT found that the average driver goes 62. Some are in favor of the changes, but aren't sure if it would work everywhere. 
The U.S. Justice Department has filed a lawsuit claiming the city of Ferguson, Missouri continues to violate the rights of African Americans, even after the shooting death of Michael Brown.
The filing comes after Ferguson leaders voted to change the terms of a deal with the DOJ over reforms to its police force and municipal court system.
Two more Presidential hopefuls throw in the towel for 2016. Following poor performances in the New Hampshire Primary and Iowa Caucus, Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina announced they would suspend their campaigns.
Neither has polled outside of single digits since joined the race for the White House. The GOP field is now down to six major candidates.
A rough night on the hardwood for Iowa State. The #14 Cyclones hit the road to Texas last night for a game against unranked Texas Tech.
Despite staying ahead of the Red Raiders for much of the game, the home team forces ISU into overtime where a three pointer put Texas Tech up for the win.
The literary franchise that got a whole generation and more reading will return to the book shelves. An eighth installment of the Harry Potter series called "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child." will go on sale this summer.
It's not a traditional book, but a hardback version of the script book for the two-part play,

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