ISU police extra alert after Texas Tech shooting

AMES - Iowa State University says they are prepared for if an attack like Texas Tech were to happen on their campus. 

"Nothing is routine and that is something that we need to emphasize to our officers," said Chief Newton, of the ISU Police Dept.

Chief Newton says his department responds to several calls a day. Focus and strategy are taken each time.

"What types of things that could happen to me tonight on shift," said Chief Newton. "While that is a hard way to think we have to be prepared for how would I respond if heaven for bid somebody came at me with a weapon. And mentally rehearsing that and going through scenario training really prepares you for when the worst could happen."

Since Monday's fatal shooting at Texas Tech, the department at ISU's been even more alert with usual. 

"We have to keep our mindset on that this could happen at any time, to any officer," said Chief Newton.

He says typically when his officers respond to welfare checks two will go so they have each others backs.

"It is not uncommon for us to make drug arrests within the residence halls or other places on campus," said Chief Newton. "And then we would take the person back to our station and process them if an arrest were to be made." 

When the Texas Tech shooter was taken into the campus police department to be booked, he was not handcuffed. Chief Newton advises differently.

"We would definitely do a search once an arrest is made and some of that is up to officer discretion, but we do encourage when an arrest has been made to handcuff the person," said Chief Newton.

The department says they think they are doing everything right to avoid an attack like Texas Tech from happening on their campus, but will revaluated if needed. 

"We are still waiting for all of the details on Texas Tech and what we will do in these circumstances is as soon as we see the information we will review our protocols and procedures to see if there is anything we need to sure up or change protocol wise to prevent a tragedy like this," said Chief Newton.

Chief Newton tells Local 5 that his team goes through extra training in addition to what is required by the state. 

The ISU department is a fully certified agency which means they have the same authority of Ames Police. The Texas Tech Campus Police Dept. is also an accredited law enforcement branch. 

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