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Jefferson begins to pick up the pieces after nasty storm

On Friday night, Local 5 brought you live coverage of storm damage in Greene County.
Our team went back on Saturday to see what it looked like in the daytime, and it wasn't just the wind problems they had to deal with.
"It appeared to a lot of people that we may have had a tornado, but what were experiencing was an updraft and a downdraft," says Dennis Moreland, the EMA Director for Greene County.
"We were sitting in the living room looking out the front window and all of a sudden, we saw the flag come down, that was the first thing to happen," says Dan Potkonak, one resident of Jefferson.
"We had a fleet of Alliant Energy trucks in town last night and they're still working, trying to clear out power lines and so on and so forth," says Moreland.
Siding ripped off, trees shattered and were uprooted. Even an RV whipped across the street.
At one point, the whole town was in the dark.
"All of a sudden, I just see debris flying across the front of the house, and then my wife and I went into the closet and when we came out there was multiple damages to the house and then Casey's was banged up pretty well behind us," says Potkonak.
Potkonak's yard was trashed, as scrap metal and other objects flew all over his estate.
"Somehow we ended up with somebody's Minute Maid juice machine next to our deck, and then a big tub out in our front yard." 
Dan says he may have been one of the lucky ones.
Just down the block, the Casey's is closed down, and several shops are looking at extended closures, while emergency crews clean up.
"Probably the worst part in this entire thing has been people out gawking. Last night, we had families driving around, looking, driving over hot power lines. We're extremely lucky that nobody got hurt," says Moreland.
All total, across town, damage is estimated at about $2 million.


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