Kids receive governor's lifesaving award

DES MOINES - Last June 12-year-old Mason Lilienthal and 10-year old Morgan Lilienthan helped steer the car their mother was driving when she had a seizure.

Thursday they received the outstanding service award from Governor Reynolds.

The two explained what happened that day.

"We were at this intersection and she just dropped her hands off the steering wheel and started to shake and Morgan grabbed the wheel and pulled us into family foods," said Mason Lilienthal.

"Then he got up on the middle console and started steering while i tried to press the brake like this," said Morgan Lilienthan.

"Mitchell Stumbo saw this all happen. He helped Mason by running along side the car and shouting directions so that Mason could turn off the ignition," said DPS Commissioner Roxann Ryan.

Both say it was a scary moment for them.

"I was just mainly scared," said Mason.

"I felt like i was going to puke," said Morgan.

Morgan and Mason say they're thankful they were there, because this was the second time their mom had had a seizure while driving.


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