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LISTEN: Rep. Young outlines key priorities for farm bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Rep. David Young said on Thursday that he's eager to take a look at the 2018 Farm Bill, and he said it needs to be reformed.

"80 percent of the bill is the food stamps program," said Young. "But the other 20 percent is farm programs, conservation programs are very important, and making sure you have that strong safety net for crop insurance."

Young said he's already offered provisions in the bill. They include:

--The Water Act, which will alleviate a lot of the "red tape when it comes to water conservation grants, very important in Iowa."

--The Stress Act, which addresses suicide rates among farmers, "because you think about all the stresses they go through, they can't control the weather, they can't control prices, so this provides program funding, suicide hotlines."

Young said when he speaks to farmers in Iowa, their main concerns are crop insurance safety nets, and they're keeping an eye on the tariffs situation between the U.S. and China.

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