Medical Marijuana Advocates Gather At Statehouse

DES MOINES - Lawmakers continue to tussle over medical marijuana at the statehouse, and now advocates are speaking out about the stalling.

House members debated into the night Monday over a bill that would allow Iowans to get medical marijuana from Minnesota dispensaries and then bring it back here. Democrats didn't like the proposal though, saying that it still doesn't address the federal law that restricts people from taking drugs across state lines.

But the medical marijuana issue is still alive at the statehouse, and advocates and supportive lawmakers believe there is still time to make their issue a reality.

"These people are suffering, they're suffering, they're families are suffering, and they're asking for IOwa to help them," said Rep. Bob Kressig (D-Black Hawk). "And last night, that did not occur. What ended up happening was a bill in my opinion that was worthless."

But it's not just lawmakers that are frustrated with the stalling of the amendment. Supporters of the measure also shared the microphone to tell their personal struggles with pain, and how medical marijuana affects their life.

"My illness wasn't even covered in the bill that was diluted," said Bob Louis. "I have tactical pain. I have lived in pain for 42 years..."

Advocates said they will continue to lobby lawmakers to push this measure through the legislature before it adjourns this session.





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