Medical marijuana law to be introduced

Families say they need more access to cannabis

By Amanda Krenz |

Published 02/09 2016 05:44PM

Updated 02/09 2016 05:45PM

DES MOINES - When Iowa passed a law allowing individuals to possess medical marijuana many said it was a step in the right direction but it didn't do enough. Now there's a movement to give Iowans better access.
At a packed news conference at the statehouse leaders announced a new study bill that would allow for growing and distributing medical cannabis in Iowa.
Families say it's challenging to get a card that lets them have medical cannabis, then they're forced to illegally cross state lines to get it. A new law would make it legal for them to get their medical cannabis inside of the state. 
The bill has bipartisan support. The study bill will be introduced by a house republican and he expects both democrats and republicans to be on board.


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