Medical Marijuana Still Alive At Statehouse

DES MOINES - Iowa lawmakers are looking to Minnesota to allow Iowans to buy medical marijuana from dispensaries there.

Gov. Terry Branstad (R-Iowa) said in a press conference on Monday that this idea, along with others, is currently being explored between state lawmakers from Iowa and Minnesota, and is supported by some Republicans.

"It's one of many approaches being discussed with regard to the use of cannabis oil to treat these diseases that affect people in this state," said Branstad. "I think one of the goals is to avoid unintended consequences where they grow it in their state and it gets in the hands of people using it for illegal purposes."

Right now, Iowans who have certain medical conditions, such as severe seizures, can legally obtain a prescription for cannabis oil, but pharmacies in Iowa don't carry it. Branstad said he's still working on helping those in need without creating an even bigger marijuana problem in the state.

"It's certainly an effort to try to balance the needs of families that want to have this available to treat children or family members, while at the same time trying to avoid unintended consequences that law enforcement and other people have warned about."

The legislative session is now over its scheduled wrap-up, and is expected to end sometime this week or the next.

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