Palo residents evacuate their homes ahead of anticipated mass flooding

The river waters are stil rising

By Orko Manna |

Published 09/25 2016 09:15AM

Updated 09/25 2016 09:15AM

PALO - Hundreds of homes have been evacuated in Palo.

That's all ahead of the anticipated, massive flooding, that's expected to hit Northeastern Iowa.  They're doing this, even though the water hasn't breached the town yet.

Efforts are underway in Palo to protect everyone from the flooding. The Cedar River will flood at some point Sunday and the whole ground surrounding it will be covered in water, and officials tell us the same goes for the Southeast Corner of Palo.

They're the lowest areas geographically in Palo, they're the closest to the river, so as it climbs up, they're going to get hit the worst.

“In 2008, we had a pile of sand, and if you need sandbags, come and get them. This year, we went out for volunteers. And now you can see, they just come pouring in.

“We had probably 15, 20 people here Friday night before we got home,” said Mayor Tom Yock.  “We got home about 10 o’clock and they had our basement all emptied out. Well, those people who are helping us just like other friends and relatives are helping everybody else. So it takes more than a town to combat something like this.”

“I just didn't think it would sure happen again in 8 years,” said Danny Gardemann, an evacuee from Palo. “You know, it's supposed to be a 100 year flood plain,, and here we are 8 years later, and the same thing's happening again.”

Even though Palo and other communities here in North East Iowa are prepared for the flooding, it's unclear how long it will take for the water to go back down, or for those communities to recover

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