Part of I-35 is closed and the Presidential race has its second major contest in Tuesday's Top 5

The Top 5 includes more response to the Zika Virus

By Luther Johnson |

Published 02/09 2016 07:14AM

Updated 02/09 2016 07:14AM

Monday's wintry weather shuts down a section of Interstate 35, all eyes on New Hampshire for today's primary, the CDC steps up its response to the Zika Virus, hackers publish FBI information, and the IUB deliberates the Bakken Pipeline Project.
The winter weather hitting north and central Iowa forced the Iowa Department of Transportation and state patrol to close down Interstate 35 between Ames and Clear Lake. High winds and snowy weather left visibility poor, leading to car accidents.
The roadway closure left some stranded in Ames, and officials have also warned against using sections of Highway 69, which runs parallel to the interstate.
The second major contest in the Presidential race kicks off in New Hampshire today, with three small precincts taking part in midnight voting. Dixville Notch the first among them to open their polls, and after all three reported it was Bernie Sanders for the Democrats and a three way tie on the GOP side.
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich split the early morning voting.
The CDC has activated its highest emergency operations level in response to the Zika Virus. That means staff will work around the clock to combat the medical emergency.
President Obama has also requested almost two-billion dollars in emergency funding from congress to fight the Zika Virus in the U.S. and abroad.
Hackers published contact information for 20,000 FBI employees monday afternoon. The leak comes just a day after personal data for almost ten-thousand Department of Homeland Security employees was posted.
The group pulled from the Department of Justice database and included the hashtag "freepalestine."
The Iowa Utilities Board continues deliberating over whether or not to approve the Bakken Oil Pipeline. During Monday's hearing, the board considered environmental and economic issues with the project.
They will continue to meet over the next three days. The hearings are open to the public.

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