Policeman in officer involved shooting being investigated for other case

"It involves an ongoing internal review regarding a potential policy violation."

By Ashley Carrasco | acarrasco@weareiowa.com

Published 08/29 2016 11:08PM

Updated 08/29 2016 11:08PM

DES MOINES -- An officer who shot at a car Sunday is also being investigated for another case. 

Sergeant Paul Parizek with the Des Moines police department Benjamin McCarthy is involved in an ongoing narcotics investigation. Local 5 was given a tip by a caller. We requested the police record but it was not released to us because "it involves an ongoing internal review regarding a potential policy violation," explained Parizek. 

As for Sunday's shooting, it turns out McCarthy's partner is his brother, Zachary McCarthy. According to investigators, the pair were called out to look into an armed man in a car at the 5400 block of East 6th street. Police said the suspect, Darrius Bolden,  tried to drive away from police and almost hit Zach. That's when they say Ben shot at the car.

Local 5 asked if there is a policy stopping the brother from working together on high stress situations like Sunday. Parizek said there are some policies in place depending on someone's title but in this case it is okay for them to work together.

Bolden has been charged and a court date will be set. The brothers have been placed on administrative leave until further notice.  


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