Politicial signs in West Des Moines spark discussion

Homeowners want people to think about for who their voting

By Ashley Carrasco | acarrasco@weareiowa.com

Published 10/16 2016 11:41PM

Updated 10/16 2016 11:41PM

WEST DES MOINES - A couple of signs around the metro are getting a lot of attention. 

There's one of Hillary Clinton behind bars on the corner of Cody drive and Jordan Creek Parkway in West Des Moines. The owner would not say if he is voting for Clinton or Donald Trump but he thought the sign was fitting.  
"This election is one of those elections that's really weird so I think putting up a really weird sign is the thing to do this election," said George Davey. 
Another on 23rd Street, also in West Des Moines, is intended to get people thinking about whether Donald Trump is truly eligible to be president
"This is a question for people to ponder. I'm not saying he's decent. I'm not saying he's not decent. I'm saying, for me, the question is Mr. Trump have you no decency?" said Revron Milton Cole. 
This election has been highly criticized by AmericansBoth homeowners say this is the time when people need to start paying attention to the election to pick the best president possible. 

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