Prosecutor lays out timeline of officers' ambush

DES MOINES - Polk County prosecutor John Sarcone outlined the timeline of how they caught Scott Greene, the admitted cop killer of Urbandale Police officer Justin Martin and Des Moines Police Sgt. Anthony Beminio on November 2, 2016. 

The first clue came from one of Greene's daughters.

"His daughter heard her father leave," said Sarcone. "She went into his bedroom found a gun case open. The guns weren't there his cell phone was left there."

After a half hour later, Greene was spotted at a nearby convenience store, he walked in, bought some alcohol, sat in his pickup truck, drove off, and headed west. A few minutes later, Russel Cheatum living at the corner of Aurora and 70th became a witness to a chilling crime.

"This man is just great person," said Sarcone. "He feels terrible to  this day that he wasn't able to do more but he was awakened at 1 a.m. by gunshots...looks out his window and sees a squad car in the intersection."

Cheetum and another neighbor go outside to check out what happened, and that's where they find Martin shot to death, multiple times.

"As they are standing there Mr. Cheetum can hear from S7E similar gunshots ring out that woke him up," said Sarcone. 

The gunshots Cheetum heard were fired at Sgt. Tony Beminio. That's when Scott Greene took off, and a massive manhunt ensued.

"You had officers from both departments involved in this carrying on their business in a very professional manner even though the hurt they experienced from losing their friends was obvious," detailed Sarcone.

Sarcone said it was clear from the scenes that Greene had used an M-4 and armor-piercing bullets. The assault rifle was partially buried in southern Dallas County.

"Mr. Greene approached a county conservation officer..... had an uh-oh moment and pretended he couldn't talk. We took him into custody," said Sarcone.

Greene will be serving two consecutive life sentences in a state prison. No word yet on when he'll be transferred out of Polk County jail.


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