Protecting livestock in the cold

CEDAR RAPIDS - Keep your pets inside. That's the warning vets across Iowa are giving as Iowans try to ride out bone-chilling temperatures. But doing that with farm animals isn't as simple. 

Hercules' Haven in Cedar Rapids has people working around the clock, caring for rescued livestock that are out in the cold.

"We'll go out and it could be like this morning, 19 below, and their heads will pop up and they're happy to see you because they had a safe warm place to sleep," said Danny Stone.

Inside the barn on the property, the Stones use the same techniques of heating the animals with lights and heaters.They have a sheep, more pigs, mini horses and a horse. Each animal was rescued from a bad situation - they probably wouldn't be alive without the Stones.

"It's our passion, it's my life goal is to really be here to nurture these animals, to give them safe refuge from the harms that are out there," said Alison Stone.

 The Stones said they will continue to brave the cold at all hours of the day.

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