Reynolds defends education budget against Apple comparison

DES MOINES - Gov. Reynolds said on Monday that nothing is more important than investing in Iowa's children.

She proposed a 1.5 percent increase in education funding, while Republican lawmakers have proposed a one percent increase in K-12 funding. 

When a reporter asked on Monday how the governor justified a $67 per-pupil increase, with the $400,000 per job for Apple employees, the governor defended her decision.

"There has not been one dime that has gone to Apple," said Reynolds. "It is a credit. Until they break ground and purchase materials and build the facility not a dime goes out."

Reynolds has been criticized by members of her own party about the state's decision to give tax breaks to Apple, Inc. to build a facility in Waukee. Some Republicans said over the summer, when the deal was announced, that tax reform is extremely necessary. Reynolds even acknowledged in her Condition of the State that she wants a task force of lawmakers to go over every single tax break and make sure they benefit all Iowans.

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