Semi crashes into car

Car meges too wide and gets in semi truck's path

By Ashley Carrasco |

Published 08/26 2016 06:08PM

Updated 08/26 2016 06:08PM

ANKENY-- The Iowa Department of Transportation posted a video on Facebook of a semi truck crashing into a car. 

According to Bonnie Castillo in the Traffic Management Center, a small gray car too quickly on the onramp of I-35 and I-30 Thursday morning. No one was hurt but Castillo said this is a reminder of why people need to always pay attention to their surroundings. There is no confirmation either driver was distracted but she said there are many crashes like this one and even more close calls. 

DOT monitors more than 200 road cameras across the state. Each month the cameras capture more than 2,000 incidents including stalled cars to deadly crashes. This is why TMC works very closely with law enforcement. 

While DOT cannot comment on the causes of most crashes, Castillo said, "I can tell you not paying attention, driving too fast for conditions those types of things are the causes we're seeing most." 

The latest video of the semi truck ramming into a car has caught a lot of attention online. Local 5 spoke to several people who were shocked no one was hurt. 

Gasping, McKenzie Hopkins questioned, "How did that happen? I just don't understand how that happened?"
Jaysson Gurwell has teenage drivers and wonders if his family is paying as much attention on the road as they should be.  
"I think about how many times I've gotten on the onramp and probably've done something similar to what that guy has done," explained Gurwell. 

TMC said put all cell phones away and reduce your distractions because reaction time to someone else's mistake is just as important in crash prevention. 


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