Sen. Harkin Addresses DNC Crowd

By Sarah Beckman |

Published 07/26 2016 06:30PM

Updated 07/26 2016 06:30PM

PHILADELPHIA - Former Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) addressed the crowd at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday, throwing his support behind nominee Hillary Clinton, as well as giving Democrats in the building a lesson on sign language.

Harkin talked about the Americans With Disabilities Act, a law he helped pass while in the Senate. Tuesday marks the 26th anniversary of the law.

"I want to teach all of you a beautiful sign which connects with the values of this campaign," said Harkin. "You ready? Now I'm going to teach you this sign. Take your two hands. Come on, it's audience participation time. Take your fingers and put them together like this. Okay, you got it everybody? Over here, up there, all put your hands together just like this. And move it in a circle in front of your body. That my friends is the sign for America."

Harkin received resounding applause for his tribute to the disabled. He is the only Iowan to speak at the convention this week. 

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