Senator Harkin makes strong statements against Trump

Retired senator doesn't hold back

By Amanda Krenz |

Published 10/18 2016 05:14PM

Updated 10/18 2016 05:32PM

(KNOXVILLE) - Longtime senator Tom Harkin has 47 years of public service. He's encouraging Hillary Clinton supporters to make sure they vote, because he's adamantly opposed to Donald Trump for president.
He says he never thought he'd see this kind of presidential campaign and that civility has gone out the window.
Harkin says Trump is full of dictatorship kind of talk and it's scary.
He says, "Think of your kids, kids learn from adults. How do you want your kids to grow up? Do you want your kids to grow up thinking we can bully people? Demean people? Mock people? Or that if you're rich enough you can get by with a lot of things?"
Harkin says although he's retired from the senate, he's not retired from the fight. He's known Hillary Clinton for 25 years and wants to see her in the oval office.


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