Send off ceremony for Freedom Flight

The Boone County Freedom Flight will take off on Oct. 3rd

BOONE - Hundreds of veterans have been waiting for the day of the Boone County Freedom Flight send off.

Each veteran left their house dressed in their yellow shirts and red hats, ready to be greeted at the ceremony by their family and friends. 

"I never wanted to take anybody's seat, but I got an email that they needed help and volunteers, so that's why I'm here," said U.S.. Air Force Veteran Neal Rudnick. 


Just 15 minutes away from the start of the parade, a crowd with American flags waited for their arrival.


"I've been to D.C.. before, but never seen some of the memorials. The Korean Memorial and the World War II Memorial. I've never seen those! And the Vietnam," said U.S.. Army Veteran Eldon Peterson.


All 141 of them filed off the bus and into Boone High School through a sea of American flags held by the Patriot Guard. 


"I've never been to the monument and I went to school in Washington, D.C.., but never got down where the monuments are. It's more for those that didn't make it than those that did," said Rudnick.


Each veteran is from a different branch and each has their own story.


U.S.. Army Veteran Eldon Peterson said, "I was never in the war, but I did my time to give peace to our country. The memorials are for the guys, all of the veterans, but especially the ones that gave their lives." 


The veterans told Local 5 that the flight is a life changing experience for them and they can't wait to see something that's a part of their history. 

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