Some Hope in the Fight Against Zika

Three existing drugs could counteract virus

By Melissa Higgins |

Published 08/30 2016 04:50PM

Updated 08/30 2016 04:50PM

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Some promising research is emerging in the fight against Zika. Scientists have discovered that three existing drugs could be useful in counteracting the effects of the virus.

Experiments so far have only been conducted in petri dishes -- but the results were dramatic, even reversing some of the damage previously thought impossible.

The drugs are currently used to treat cancer, hepatitis C and parasitic infections. Still, it remains unclear if the drug combination can penetrate a woman's body to treat the brain of her unborn baby impacted by Zika.

The researchers will have to test the drugs in animal models first. If those tests are successful, they will have to start the long process of human testing.

The results were first reported in Nature Medicine.

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