State continues to question speed and braking in Aguilar trial

DES MOINES -- Concerns of speed and the intersection of a September deadly crash are the highlight of a murder trial against Fernando Lopez Aguilar. Aguilar is accused of driving at nearly 45 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone and failing to stop at stop sign.

What exactly happened in that crash September 8th? The state precisely painted the picture in day three of the Fernando Aguilar trial. A state patrol trooper took the stand to explain the technical side of what happened when Aguilar crashed into two other cars.

"The vehicle was over the posted speed limit five seconds prior, four seconds prior, three seconds prior, two seconds prior, and one second prior," said ISP Trooper Chris Starrett.

That information shows the percentage of the throttle from the driver, at 5 seconds prior to impact it was at 100 percent.

"The peddle was on the floor. What's that telling you about what's going on inside the driver's head? That he wants to get from point a to point b fast," said Starrett.

The state isn't done arguing its side of the story, but because of a scheduling issue, the defense flew in its expert witness from Pennsylvania who went to the scene and used a high definition laser to get 3D measurements.

"The vehicle, the Pontiac was just over 200 feet away, but more importantly, at -4 seconds,the stop sign is not visible to that vehicle operator," said Steven Schorr.

According to those measurements, it's not until 3.3 seconds that a driver would be able to see the stop sign.

"As I look at this as an engineer, i say to myself, it doesn't matter how fast this vehicles going, a vehicle operator has a responsibility to react to that that stop sign once he sees it," said Schorr.

So did Aguilar slam on his brakes before hitting those cars? The debate is still ongoing in the courtroom. In an investigation video shown Wednesday afternoon, Aguilar is heard stating he knew there was a stop sign at the intersection and that he had traveled that road a few times. The trial is expected to wrap up on Friday.

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